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Welcome to the Turning Wood Into Art website!

This help section is designed to help you navigate through the site, and to understand how each section functions.

The home page lists five areas within the site: Mason Collection, Exhibition Themes, Virtual Tour, Woodturning Resources, and Learning Opportunities. Once a section is chosen, the table of contents shifts to the left side of the pages for easy in-site navigation. Otherwise, use the browser buttons to move between pages.

Click on the Mason Collection button to learn more about how the Mint Museum of Craft + Design acquired the collection, and to view an artist index, which lists every artist represented in the collection and their featured artworks.

The Exhibition Themes and the Virtual Tour sections contain exciting content. The first section lists the five themes around which the collection is installed: Design, Material Esthetics, Process and Image, Storytelling, and Tree Life. Each section contains video clips and object movies that explore these themes with specific examples from the collection. Web visitors can tour the museum exhibition in the second section. The virtual tour is a series of connected panoramas, with embedded links to additional content about the collection. To learn how to use the tools in these two sections, take a moment to link to the museum's tutorial on virtual reality objects and panoramas.

Woodturning Resources includes a helpful link to an outside site which explains the woodturning process (use the browser buttons to return to the museum's site), as well as additional written information and a comprehensive glossary.

Learning Opportunities, the section on education programs, lists activities and events scheduled around Turning Wood Into Art, and will be updated with video footage of the events as they occur.

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