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Fleming, from Oklahoma, works as both an illustrator and a woodturner. He followed his father and grandfather in their passion for working with wood. He has received numerous awards, including the 1989 Purchase Award from the Vision Makers Show, the 1992 Purchase Award from the Regional Craft Biennial in Little Rock, and the 1991 Grand Prize at the American Crafts Awards. Fleming uses only discarded woods and strives to transform the wood into "a captured moment in time of its own existence." After turning his bowls, Fleming begins the long process of hand carving his organic designs of delicate leaves. (Spielman, The Art of the Lathe, (New York: Sterling Publishing, 1996), 112) and (American Craft (Oct/Nov 1991) Like Bob Stocksdale, Fleming values the end product, so that the long process is not apparent to the viewer.
Click on the object to watch Ron Fleming demonstrate his carving technique.
RON FLEMING. American, 1937–
Firebird 1997
pink ivorywood, lathe-turned, carved
Gift of Jane and Arthur Mason. 1999.69.13