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Ellsworth claims Bob Stocksdale, Ed Moulthrop, and the Lindquists as his major influences in woodturning. Ceramics and the fine arts also inspire his thin hollow vessels, which he pioneered in the 1970s (Contemporary Turned Wood, 12). He received his MFA from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1973, and previously studied architecture for a year at Washington University in 1965. Ellsworth characterizes himself as an artist in the following: " I consider myself a maker, and that the years I have spent developing hollow forms in wood have been very much a journey in discovering the self, of self expression." ("David Ellsworth: American Woodturner," V. 14 n.3 (Fall 1999), 5). Ellsworth is also a dedicated teacher, who privately holds twenty workshops each year for beginning to intermediate turners. His art has established a high standard in woodturning, as he represents the craft in museums throughout the world. Click here to see David Ellsworth turning a hollow form.
Untitled Vessel
Untitled Vessel
Man, and the Forest Architecture: Mother and Teen
Untitled Vessel
Untitled Vessel
Signature Bowl #4
Spirit Vessels
Oak Pot
Homage Pot