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The Mint Museum of Craft + Design would like to acknowledge the contributions of many individuals, corporations, and organizations that assisted in providing content for the website, funding and equipment for programming, and tireless hours in preparing material related to the exhibition.

Jane and Arthur Mason’s contribution far exceeds their unparalleled collection of turned wood. Their efforts to develop a study collection for the Education Resource Center were extremely successful, as numerous artists represented in the collection donated objects for hands-on study to the museum. Their assistance in developing programming, writing grants, and providing countless sources of information are greatly appreciated!

Photographs of images from the collection were taken by Bruce Miller. Footage of woodtunring demonstrations was provided by the American Association of Woodturners. The AAW and Bank of America also provided funding for programs related to the exhibition. Their support of these programs will provide educational opportunities for many museum visitors.

Many thanks to Dave Wahl and Bonner Guilford for arranging woodturning demonstrations at Myers Park, Butler, and Vance High Schools in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Public Schools. Jack Stewart was a great help in lining up woodturners for these demonstrations, as well as for the exhibition opening. Thanks also to the individual woodturners who helped the museum educate a number of young people about this remarkable field.

Thanks to the Gallery Attendants and Docents of the Mint Museum of Craft + Design for their efforts to educate the public about this exhibition, and for their help in preparing content for the website. Maria Crossley, Lara Miller, and Merica Moynihan have done an outstanding job! Additionally, two museum interns have been particularly helpful in preparing content. Thanks to Nancy Livingston and Catherine Stutts for their hard work!

Without the support of the Windgate Foundation, this site would not exist. Its generous grant enabled the Mint Museum of Craft + Design to purchase and learn how to use the vast array of equipment required to create this site. The wisdom and patience of Joe Michel and Michael Mills made this site possible, as their knowledge and excellent teaching skills often answered many a mysterious technical dilemma.

Finally, special thanks go to the staff of the Mint Museum of Craft + Design, including Director Mark Leach, Curator Mary Douglas, Special Projects Coordinator Ginger Kemp, Operations Director Mark Salmen, and the Design and Installation crew under the guidance of Kurt Warnke. Your support has strengthened me in creating this site. And to my fiance, Jim, and my family, thank you for enduring my many mood swings, and the moments of despair and triumph. You all are wonderful!

Mary Beth Crawford
Education Coordinator
Mint Museum of Craft + Design