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Design Lab Workshop with Juan Dolhare

Mint Museum UPTOWN

Saturday, Dec 12

2:00PM - 5:00PM

Admission: Free for Teens

NexGen registration required


Free program with registration to NexGen program:  NexGen registration required.

Design Lab on Surrealism with artist Juan Dolhare 

This workshop is desigend for high school students ages 14-18.

Juan Vermont 2015.jpeg

IMAGE: Artist Juan Dolhare

Saturday Decmber 12, 2-5 pm, Uptown

Participants can explore the mysteries of surrealism and symbolism in this painting workshop with visiting Argentine artist Juan Dolhare.  

Participants will learn certain aspects of surrealism from a present and a historical perspective.  We will “play” with drawing and painting, in order to produce personal images that can be seen as surrealist images, based on their symbolic content.

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