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NexGen Mint Pop up Nail Salon Project with Carlos Rolon

Mint Museum UPTOWN

Saturday, May 9-May 10

9:00AM - 5:00PM

Admission: Free for Teens

Please register below or call 704.337.2000.

Help Carlos Rolon, a noted installation artist, painter and nail art historian to create a  installation of a nail salon.   Teens will work on the project for two days and receive community service credit for creating and launching this unique pop up museum experience.  

Admission: Free for Teens 14 to  18 years old.

*You MUST register for the NexGen program before registering for the event.  

Click here to register for NexGen

NexGen MINT Participants will have the chance to work with emerging ceramic artist Rose Simpson and explore the creative process through clay.  This event is exclusively for NexGen participants! Check out the Mint website to register or to find more information!