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Mint Museum RANDOLPH

Saturday, Mar 21

2:30PM - 5:30PM

Admission: Free for Teens

Please register below.

Join us for a NexGen workshop and roundtable with contemporary Pueblo artist Rose Simpson.




Power Objects: Design Lab Workshop and Roundtable discussion

Make your object of intention and craft your directive working with clay parts with found objects.

*You MUST register for the NexGen program before registering for the event.  

Click here to register for NexGen

NexGen MINT Participants will have the chance to work with emerging ceramic artist Rose Simpson and explore the creative process through clay. Participants will push the limits of creation by incorporating found objects into their own ceramic works and explore the meaning of power as it relates to art. Immediately following this hands-on activity, participants will engage in a lively round table discussion with the artist about her intention, inspiration, and career path. This event is exclusively for NexGen participants! Check out the Mint website to register or to find more information!

Please note:  Teens attending Rose Simpson’s workshop and roundtable program are welcome to attend the artist’s public talk, Craft Driven on Saturday, March 21 from 1-2 p.m.