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Delhom Service League: Chelsea in Context: The Rococo Style

Mint Museum RANDOLPH

Tuesday, Mar 17


Admission: FREE

Chelsea in Context: The Rococo Style in Full Flourish.
Tribute to Sarah Belk Gambrell

Speaker: Brian Gallagher, Curator Decorative Arts, The Mint Museum

The establishment of the Chelsea porcelain factory, about 1745, coincided with a time when the Rococo style prevailed in England's fashionable circles. Chelsea reacted by producing Rococo vases, tableware, and small sculptures for its elegant consumers.

This talk will focus on a variety of Chelsea's creative efforts in the Rococo style. It will contextualize these objects by first examining why the Rococo flourished in mid-eighteenth-century England, and then discuss the important influence of silver and continental porcelain on Chelsea's designs.

IMAGE: Chelsea porcelain factory, London, circa 1745-1769. Potpourri Vase, circa 1760, soft-paste porcelain. Museum Purchase: Funds provided by Margaret and Price Zimmermann in honor of Sarah Belk Gambrell. 2013.20a-b