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Delhom Service League: Wedgwood, Part 2

Mint Museum RANDOLPH

Monday, Mar 9


Admission: FREE

Wedgwood, Part 2

Daisy Bridges will give a presentation on Wedgwood; this is the second, in a 3-part series.

"My talks on Wedgwood will discuss 18th-century wares, design sources, shipments to America, and how Jasper was made with particular attention to rare items and commemorative designs. Emphasis on the Neo-Classical period, and how it pertains to the Age of Enlightenment and relates to the ancient Republics of Greece and Rome, will be considered. I will look at Josiah Wedgwood's interpretation of the style, philosophy, and politics."

IMAGE: Jasperware vase and cover with Pegasus finial and with reliefs of Apollo and the Muses, made at the factory of Josiah Wedgwood, Etruria, Staffordshire, ca. 1790, Jasperware with applied relief decoration, V&A Museum, transferred from the Museum of Practical Geology, Jermyn Street.