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Delhom Service League: Black Mountain Pottery

Mint Museum RANDOLPH

Monday, Nov 10


Admission: FREE

Black Mountain Pottery

Mona Radiloff will discuss Black Mountain Pottery.

Black Mountain College, outside of Asheville, was established in 1933, and offered its faculty and student body an experimental creative environment. This Public Works Art Project provided the first substantial government support for the arts in America during the Great Depression. Out of this came both American and international artists that altered the direction of art in America. Artists included Black Mountain potters, Robert Turner, Karen Karnes, David Weinrib, and Peter Voulkos. Additionally, world-renowned potters such as Bernard Leach, Shogi Hamada, and Margaret Wildenhain, visited the college and gave lectures. These individuals have influenced potters throughout America and other countries.

Photograph by Harriet Sohmers Zwerling, Studies Building, Black Mountain College, Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center Collection, M2009.07.01-02; OS2009.07.01