Dig it!

The Mint Museum of Art has made the Dig it! program available on-line. If you have the right plug-in, you can view the program from your browser.

To view the program you must have the Macromedia Authorware Web Player plug-in installed on your computer. If you donít have the plug-in, click on the "Get the Authorware Web Player" option below. This will take you to Macromediaís Web Player Down Load Center. Follow the directions to download and install the plug-in/player. Then return to this page and click on the "View Dig it! On-line" option to view Dig it!.

NOTE: Viewing Dig it! on-line requires either a Netscape Navigator 3.0 or greater browser or a Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 or greater browser. AmericaOnline viewers need version 4.0 or greater which allows users to access the World Wide Web through Netscape or Explorer.

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