Dig it!

The Mint Museum of Art is distributing the Dig it! software FREE for educational use!

Just "download" or copy the software to the hard drive of your computer. This will let you run Dig it! on your desktop — you won’t need a browser or to be connected to the Internet. You will need between 4 - 8 MB of free space on your hard drive. Dig it! will run on an individual computer or on a network.

Network users: If your computer is running on a network or an Intranet, contact your network administrator to help you install the Authorware Web Player and the Dig it! software. (Some network systems do not allow individuals to download plugins or executable files.)

Download times: The downloading process will copy a compressed file from the Mint Museum Server to your hard drive. This may take up to an hour in some cases, depending on the speed of your Internet connection. Estimated download times:

WINDOWS Version of Dig it!= 22 min @ 28.8, 19 min @ 33.6, 12 min @ 56

MACHINTOSH Version of Dig it!= 44 min @ 28.8, 40 min @ 33.6, 24 min @ 56


I want to download the Windows 95/98/NT version




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