FunSheet - From the Land

DIRECTIONS: Print this page. Use it as you read through the Making Pots section of Crafting•NC.

Be creative! Choose your colors and glaze the pot in a blue, green, or tobacco-spit color.
Ouch, Hot! Fire the pottery in a bisque firing up to 1500 degrees.
Careful! Place the unfinished greenware in a heated room, so it gets real dry.
Tough clay! Maybe the pug mill will soften it and help get it ready for the wheel.
I can't breathe! Soften the clay and remove any air trapped inside.
Digging is work! You've got to dig special clay, not just any dirt in the backyard.
Hot again! Here comes the second firing after the glaze has dried.
Finally! The pottery is ready to be unloaded from the kiln and sold in the shop.
This takes practice! Get the pot centered on the wheel so it will take shape.