FunSheet - 250 Years of Clay

DIRECTIONS: Print this page and create your own art gallery. Surf through the 250 Years of Clay section of Crafting•NC. Read about NC potters and their work. Then create your own gallery with images showing 250 years of pottery.

Pretend you are a Moravian potter in 1750. Draw a pottery object that the people in Salem would have used.

Pretend you are a potter in the Backcountry of NC. You are living in either the Seagrove area or in the Catawba Valley. Draw a pottery object from one of these areas.

Pretend you are the famous English potter Josiah Wedgwood. You have 500 tons of "Cherokee Clay" shipped to you from the mountains of NC. Draw an object you might make with the clay.


Pretend you are Chester Webster. You are living in Cross Creek in 1830. You make pottery with birds and fish on it. Draw one of your creations.

Pretend you are a potter living during the Civil War (1861-1865.) What could you do to help NC during the Union blockade of the South? Draw an object you could make.

Pretend you are a farmer potter in 1880. Cotton prices are dropping and your family needs money. Draw a clay object you can make to supply the General Store.


Pretend you are a potter in 1910. Your customers are now buying "store-bought" items rather than your hand-made pottery. You decide to make some "fancy wares." Draw a fancy ware object.

Pretend you are a potter in the 1930s. You decide to make some funny face jugs to sell to tourists. Draw one of your face jugs.

Pretend you are a studio artist living in NC today. You have a studio where you create and sell your art pottery. Draw one of your creations.