Crafting North Carolina

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Whenever you see this button click on it to print your FunSheet.


Here's a list of all the FunSheets in Crafting•NorthCarolina:

FunSheet 1 — Early Glimpses of North Carolina

Learn-n-earn points as you read about early North Carolina.

FunSheet 2 — 250 Years of Clay

Be creative! Draw your way through 250 years of clay.

FunSheet 3 — What's the Use?

Match up old-fashioned objects & brand new things.

FunSheet 4 — From the Land

Test your knowledge about the natural resources from the land.

FunSheet 5 — Making Pots

Unscramble the steps to making pottery.

FunSheet 6 — Let's Go

Visit artists across the state and record your journey.


Visit Sid Luck Visit the Mint Museum of Craft + Design Visit Billie Ruth Suddeth Visit Cynthia Bringle Visit Stoney Lamar