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Browser & Plug-in Info

Browser: To view the Crafting North Carolina web site, you will need one of the following browsers:
- Netscape version 3.0 or higher, OR
- Internet Explorer version 3.0 or higher

Plug-in: To listen to the audio clips you will need to install the following plug-in:
- QuickTime player (The player is FREE. You do NOT need QuickTime Pro.)

To download the free QuickTime player plug-in, print this page and follow the directions below:
(1) Go to the Apple QuickTime site.
(2) Choose to download the Macintosh or Windows QuickTime version.
(3) Follow the directions to download the QuickTime Installer to your hard drive. (Note the download location.)
(4) Quit the browser and start the QuickTime Installer program. Follow the on-screen directions to install QuickTime on your computer.

Network users: If your computer is running on a network or an Intranet, contact your network administrator to help you install the Quick Time player. (Some network systems do not allow individuals to download plug-ins or executable files.)



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