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Using This Site in the Classroom


Crafting North Carolina is designed to be used in correlation with the fourth grade social studies curriculum. The project provides innovative methods to integrate North Carolina crafts and craft artists into the social studies curriculum. Students learn about the historical richness of the state’s crafting traditions as they study objects in the collections of the Mint Museum of Art and the Mint Museum of Craft + Design.

Organized into 7 units

The site is organized into seven units, each highlighting a unique aspect of North Carolina’s craft heritage. Each unit contains two or more lessons. It is recommended that students move through the seven units sequentially as each storyline unfolds. These are equally effective when used by individual students or students working in small groups. The interactive nature of the web, combined with the FunSheets, provides a mixture of structure and freedom. This allows young learners to navigate either individually or with learning pals.

A variety of different activities

Crafting North Carolina engages students through a variety of learning methods, including reading and skimming paragraphs for facts, interactive matching games, visual scavenger hunts, sketching exercises, read-along narratives, and video clips. These interactive lessons, along with FunSheets that help students navigate through each unit, are geared both to individual and small group activities.

FunSheets: A paper-based worksheet

Students can print a FunSheet at the beginning of each unit. This sheet serves as a guide to allow 4th graders to become active learners as they answer questions and record their observations in a worksheet format. Reading skills are reinforced as students skim for facts and answer questions. This tool will help teachers implement Crafting in the classroom and track the progress of each student/or group of students. FunSheets are convenient for students to review independently at computer stations as well as students working in groups. Students working at home computers can take advantage of the FunSheets as homework or extra credit assignments.

Learn More

The site is multi-layered, meaning that one can learn more information about many topics. Whenever a user encounters a "hand icon," more information is available by clicking on the icon.


Audio clips are available in several units in the site. The Browser/Plug-in info section of this site contains complete information about how to use these features.






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