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About This Site

The development of Crafting North Carolina: A hands-on exploration of North Carolinaís hand-made heritage! is a natural outgrowth of the Mint Museumís twenty-year collaboration with area schools. The major goal of Crafting is to link the museumís collection to core fourth grade curriculum by reinforcing the North Carolina Standard Course of Study for Social Studies.

This site encourages educators and parents to take full advantage of the museumís educational resources and extraordinary collection in a fun, friendly, and engaging format. Works of art have wonderful stories to tell. So what better way for students to learn about North Carolinaís geography, history, and resources than to study the crafts of the state? Craftingís unique website combines images of objects plus video clips of artists at work, animation, audio, games, "virtual" tours, and lesson plans for teachers and parents.

Using the collections of the Mint Museum of Art and the Mint Museum of Craft + Design as windows to history and culture, the museumís Education staff develops and implements interactive web-based programs that are serving as national models for learning in museums. Crafting is the fourth "Online Learning" project developed for students and families. For additional information about this program and other educational resources at the Mint Museum of Art and Mint Museum of Craft + Design please contact:

Cheryl Palmer, VP Education and Public Programs
(704) 337-2031

Jill Shuford, School Programs Coordinator
(704) 337-2033

Mary Beth Crawford, Education Coordinator, Mint Museum of Craft + Design
(704) 337-2050


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