Sid's face jug at the Mint Museum


Face Jugs
The Mint Museum has one of Sid’s pots in its collection. It’s a face jug. The face jug is a very popular type of pottery made by many potters in North Carolina. The face jug in the Mint’s collection was made several years ago but Sid still makes face jugs all the time.

Face jug by Sid
and his sons

His sons, Jason and Matthew also like to make this type of jug. Recently, they worked together on a large face jug that has three faces. Jason, Matthew and Sid each made one of the faces.

Historians think that face jugs first appeared in America over 200 years ago. Slave potters brought the tradition with them from Africa. Face jugs have been crafted by potters throughout the Southeastern United States ever since.

Click there to hear Sid talk about . . . his face jug at the Mint Museum.
Click there to hear Sid talk about . . . the face jug tradition.