Sid's studio in Seagrove, NC


Sid works near Seagrove, NC, a few miles from where he grew up. He bought an old chicken house, tore it down and moved it near his home. It sits on land his father bought in 1942. He used the lumber and metal roofing to rebuild a large open-air studio. The studio has plenty of space to turn and sell his pots. This is not a fancy building. With its dirt floor and dusty air, it’s what Sid calls an "old-timey pottery shop."

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his pottery shop / studio.

When you walk through the front door of the studio, you see hundreds of bowls, cups, urns, plates, and jugs lined up on tables, ready to be sold. Toward the back, Sid has electric potter wheels where he turns his pieces. Beyond these are more tables where he glazes each piece. Finally, in the very back are brick-lined kilns attached to large propane gas tanks.

Wares for sale at Sid's Studio




Sid's Kiln

Sid at work

Greenware drying