Sid and one of his face jugs.

Meet Sid Luck
-Traditional Potter

Sid Luck has a college degree in chemistry. He taught high school chemistry for 18 years. But in 1990 his attraction to clay led him to leave teaching and became a full time potter.

His daddy was surprised and disappointed when Sid quit teaching. He thought his son had "wasted his education." But Sid knew he could make a living turning pots. And he really loves doing it.

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how his father thought he was crazy for becoming a potter.



You could say that Sid has clay in his blood. He learned to turn pots from his father when he was a boy. His father, grandfather, great-grandfather and great-great grandfather all were potters who turned North Carolina clay into useful and beautiful cups, bowls, pitchers and jugs. And now Sid’s boys, Jason and Matthew both have learned the family tradition.

Sid and his son Jason.


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his family's pottery history.