Being a Potter
Cynthia’s pots are in museums, galleries and people’s homes all over the world. She has become successful because she has worked very hard. She still works hard every day. Though Cynthia is a famous artist, she also is a businesswoman. She sells the art she creates to earn her living.

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her job as a studio potter.


Cynthia makes useful items like mugs, bowls, vases and pitchers. After throwing a pot, Cynthia has several steps before she’s finished. Once the basic shape is made on the wheel, there are many things that can make the pot interesting and unusual. For example, Cynthia likes to carve away some of the clay with a knife. She also might use a paddle to give a cylinder flat sides.


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why she loves being a potter

Can you see the influence of painting on this piece of pottery?



Cynthia's early love of painting has influenced her work. She decorates many of her pieces by painting abstract designs on them. Her art is very colorful. It’s interesting to look at and to hold.