Meet Cynthia Bringle- Contemporary Potter
Cynthia Bringle has lived and worked in Penland, North Carolina for over 30 years. Penland is located in the mountains. This town is famous because it’s the home of the Penland School of Crafts. Cynthia’s studio is just down the road from the school. In the front of her studio is a shop where people can buy the vases, bowls, mugs and other pottery she makes every day. In the back of the studio is a wooden deck with a dazzling view of the mountains.

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taking art lessons as a child

When she was a girl, Cynthia lived in Memphis, Tennessee. She took art classes on Saturdays with her twin sister, Edwina. Now they both are professional artists. Cynthia is a potter and Edwina is a weaver.


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"Teddy in the Play Room"
Painted by Cynthia at age 14. Someone wanted to buy the painting for $25.00

Cynthia loved to paint when she was a girl. Art teachers encouraged her parents to send her to art school. When Cynthia was in college, she fell in love with making pottery. She knew she wanted to make pots the rest of her life.