Billie Ruth Sudduth with her first basket.

Math in a Basket
Billie Ruth did not study math in college. She avoided it. But once she started making baskets she began to see how important math is. Now she loves math. She uses math with every basket she makes. Billie Ruth has even written a book called Math in a Basket for middle school students. Teachers use this book to help sixth and seventh graders improve their math skills by making baskets.


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Leonardo Pisano Fibonacci

Billie Ruth is influenced by the work of a man named Fibonacci who was born in Italy in 1170. Fibonacci discovered a series of numbers that seem to be the basic building blocks of nature. He saw similar patterns in the shapes of acorns, sea shells, elephant’s tusks and many plants and animals. This pattern could be represented in a series of numbers. These numbers are now called Fibonacci numbers. Billie Ruth uses this special series of numbers in every basket she makes. Fibonacci numbers help Billie Ruth decide the size, shape and design of her baskets.



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the mathematician named Fibonacci.
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