Meet Billie Ruth Sudduth-Basket Maker
People have made baskets for thousands of years. Baskets are used for storing and carrying everything from food to babies! Look around your house or school and you will probably find baskets. Did you know that every basket you see was made by a person? Machines can’t make baskets.

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her interests as a child.
  Billie Ruth Sudduth is an artist who makes baskets. She was born in Alabama, but now lives in the North Carolina mountains near Penland. When she was

Fibonacci 21, 1998
Mint Museum
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young, she wasn’t interested in art. She was more interested in sports and boys. In fact, she did not have any training in basket weaving until 1982. One day, the principal at the school where Billie Ruth worked told her about a basket-making course. That night Billie Ruth made her first basket. She loved making baskets so much it changed her life.
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how she got interested in making baskets.


  The baskets Billie Ruth makes are in museums around the country. People pay thousands of dollars to buy her baskets. The baskets she makes are perfect. Billie Ruth has a secret that helps her make perfect baskets. Here is the secret: she uses simple math skills to make flawless baskets.  
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