Correct! That’s clay.

What is clay? Clay can be found in soil all across North Carolina. Veins of clay can be found near the coast, throughout the Piedmont, and in the Mountains. Clay is made of silica, alumina, and water.

What is clay used for? Most clay is mined by companies who sell it to people who make bricks and ceramics (dishes and pottery.) Did you know that North Carolina produces more bricks that any other state in the US? That’s a lot of bricks!

Some artists and craftsmen dig clay by hand from riverbeds to make hand-made pottery.

How does clay get its color? In North Carolina you can find natural clay in many colors including orange, red, yellow, brown, gray or white. Different minerals in the clay cause the various colors. Most clay contains traces of the mineral iron. Iron in the clay gives bricks and baked pottery their brownish color.

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