Studio Potters
Today, hundreds of potters work in North Carolina. They practice their craft in towns like Seagrove, Jugtown, Penland and Cat's Square. Many potters now work in studios and are known as studio artists. A potter’s studio is a place where pottery is designed and made.





Updating The Old
Often, potters get their ideas from others who worked long ago. They copy shapes of bowls, jugs, churns, and teapots that the potter-farmer once used.






Inventing The New
Sometimes they add changes to make the pottery look more modern like Michael Sherrill’s teapot.





Valuable Objects
Today, North Carolina potters create objects that are works of art. Many of their works are displayed in art galleries and museums. Collectors travel from all over the United States to buy North Carolina pottery.




A North Carolina Tradition
No other state has a pottery tradition like North Carolina. Craftsmen have been making pottery since colonial days. Some potters trace their roots back to the German and English potters that settled in the Piedmont backcountry. Even though many changes have taken place in North Carolina in the last 250 years, potters have adapted and continue to create beautiful handmade objects.