Changes to the Pottery Business
The new century brought many changes in the way people lived. The horseless carriage became more common. Homes began getting running water, telephones, and electricity. Factories began making many of the items people traditionally made by hand.

Glass and plastic factories almost put potters out of business. Factories could make jars, bottles, and dishes faster and cheaper. To save their way of life, potters began making new types of pottery called "whimseys" and "fancy wares."

Whimseys and Fancy wares
Fancy wares were colorful candlesticks, plates, bowls, and vases. They were bright and attractive and many people wanted to buy them. These objects were sold in large cities and to the tourists who came to the state.

Whimseys were unusual and playful objects such as the face jug. Making face jugs helped the potter break up the tiring routine of making plain jugs and churns.