Fancy Wares - Carolina Swirlware

Pottery called "swirlware" or "striped ware" was first made in Lincoln County during the early 1930s. Potters make swirlware by combining a light clay and a dark clay. Making swirlware takes longer than making regular pottery. The potter must be very careful not to overwork the clay and mix the two colors together.

Swirlware Teapot - Enoch Reinhardt, c. 1938


Swirlware canister
Burlon Craig
Swirlware Pinch Bottle
Floyd Propst
c. 1935
Swirlware Pitcher
Alvie Smith
Swirlware Pitcher
James H. Owen
Swirlware 10 spout Flower Vase
Charlie Lisk
c. 1995