What is this?
This is a solid gold coin that was made in Charlotte in 1839.

Who made it?
This coin was "minted" by the US Mint in Charlotte, NC. A Mint
is a place where the government makes coins or bills.

Things to notice:
The "C" on the coin shows that it was made in Charlotte.


First US Gold rush
The first US gold rush started in 1830 when young Conrad Reed found a 17-pound shiny rock in Cabarrus County. His family used the rock as a doorstop until they discovered it was gold. This started the country's first gold rush.

100 gold mines
In the early 1800s, almost 100 gold mines were in operation within 20 miles of Charlotte.

First gold coin made in the US
The first gold coin minted in the US was minted in
Rutherfordton, NC in 1831.

First branch of the US Mint
A Mint is a place where the government makes money. A US Mint was started in Charlotte in 1836. It produced over 5 million dollars in US gold coins! In fact, the Mint produced all the gold coins for the US government until the beginning of the Civil War.




What is a Mint?
A Mint is a place where the government makes dollar bills and coins.

Why was there a Mint in Charlotte?
The main branch of the US Mint is in Philadelphia. During the Carolina gold rush so much gold was found in North Carolina that the federal government decided they needed to open up a branch in Charlotte. This was the first branch of the US mint outside of Philadelphia.

How much money did the Charlotte Mint make?
The Charlotte Mint made over 5 million dollars in gold coins in its 24-year history. The Mint made half eagle coins ($5.00), quarter eagle coins ($2.50), and one dollar gold coins.

What happened to the Charlotte Mint?
During the Civil War the building was turned into a Confederate headquarters and hospital. When the war was over the building was no longer needed.

Is the building still standing today?
Yes, but not at its original location. In 1933 a group of citizens bought the building for $950. The building was taken apart rock by rock and moved out Randolph Road, a few miles south of downtown. In 1936 the building was reopened as the Mint Museum of Art - North Carolina's first art museum.

Wow that is pretty cool. Is their any gold there now?
Yes. You can see a complete set of gold coins minted in Charlotte.

Is there much gold in NC now?
There is not much gold in the ground in North Carolina now. The last mining company in the Carolinas closed in 1999.