Josiah Wedgwood's Queensware

What is this? This is a Queensware plate, bowl, and dish. Even though this pottery was made in England, it is decorated with morning glories that bloom in North Carolina.



Who made it? These objects were made by Josiah Wedgwood's pottery studio in England around 1770. Josiah began his career in his family’s pottery business around age nine. He grew up to become the most famous potter in the world, known for beautiful china. Perhaps your mother or grandmother owns pieces of Wedgwood china.



Fun Fact 1 This pottery is called Queensware because it was made for Queen Charlotte of England. Wealthy settlers in the New World bought Wedgwood pottery that was shipped across the ocean and up the Cape Fear River.



Fun Fact 2 The morning glories on this plate were based on drawings that Mark Catesby the artist / explorer drew while traveling in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia