Map of the New World in 1636

What is this?

This is a map of the New World as it was known in 1636. It is called NOVA VIRGINIAE TABULA.

What does this
map show?

This map shows Virginia and northeastern North Carolina as surveyors and mapmaker saw it in 1636. Does this map look funny to you? It might, because it is drawn upside down. Notice that the mountains are on the left and the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay are on the right.

Things to notice!

Look at all the beautiful decoration. Notice the standing figure, the Virginia crest, the compass, and the picture of the inside of Chief Powhatan’s hut.

Who made this map?

Henricus Hondius made this map in 1636. He based this map on drawings by Captain John Smith. Smith was one of the leaders of Jamestown, the first English town in America in 1607.

How was it made?

This map is an "engraving." Hondius etched or scratched the image and figures into a sheet of metal and then printed the images on paper. The images were later hand painted.