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Lynn Saville: Night Visions

Lynn Saville: Night Visions

Mint Museum RANDOLPH Feb 16 2007-Jul 22 2007   /  North Carolina native Lynn Saville creates luminous photographs in the post-twilight hours.

Exhibition Highlights

About The Exhibition

Lynn Saville (American, born 1950) creates luminous photographs in the post-twilight hours. She reveals the startling polarity between the ordinariness of day and the mystery and melancholy of darkness. Within these photographs are traces of human activity, but the absence of individuals underscores the respite and solitude offered by night. In these portentous urban landscapes, Saville captures a darkness that is "comforting and threatening, soft and ominous," thereby acknowledging the paradoxes evoked by such nocturnal sites.

A native of North Carolina, Lynn Saville now lives and works in New York City.