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European Art

European Art

Mint Museum RANDOLPH Aug 2 2014-Sep 13 2015   /  An inspiring selection of fine and decorative European arts from The Mint Museum's permanent collection.

Exhibition Highlights

About The Exhibition

This exhibition features an inspiring selection of fine and decorative European arts from The Mint Museum’s permanent collection, created between the mid-eighteenth and early twentieth centuries. These paintings and objects trace the wide range of styles and subjects popular in Western Europe during the period, from the majestic images of royal grandeur to pastoral woodland scenes and light-filled landscapes. Familiar audience favorites, such as Allan Ramsey’s majestic portraits of Queen Charlotte and King George III,  will remain on view, and are joined by other highlights from the collection.

A number of fascinating juxtapositions link the fine and decorative arts, including a case containing ceramics adorned with images of Queen Charlotte, the city’s namesake, installed near her portrait. Other objects on view showcase a combination of fine and decorative traditions, such as miniatures integrating painting and jewelsmithing, and several recently-acquired examples of beautifully-decorated Chinese export porcelain. This installation also highlights the generosity of local collectors and patrons and their importance to the museum, as many of the objects on view were donated by area families over the past fifty years.