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Arts of Africa

Arts of Africa

Mint Museum RANDOLPH Apr 06 2013 -   /  A collection of art forms showcasing the vast cultural, physical, historical and religious diversity that can be found across the African continent.

Exhibition Highlights

About The Exhibition

The African continent has remarkable diversity in topographical features and ecology: three enormous rivers – Nile, Niger, and Congo – with countless tributaries; large, dense forests and hilly grasslands; huge deserts; and snowcapped mountains. Social and political systems, equally varied, range from great empires to small villages: large kingdoms and city-states, small chieftaincies, and nomadic bands of hunters or semi-nomadic herders. Thus there are many different Africas, and consequently, great diversity in the arts and their histories. Art forms date from 27,000 BCE to yesterday, with countless interactions among native Africans themselves over time; with Muslims, beginning around 1000 CE; and with Europeans, beginning in the late 15thcentury. This exhibition is organized by The Mint Museum.

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